Monday, January 30, 2006

Links for today

Steve Jobs is the new [mickey mouse]

of bubbles and [2.0] - Web, Publishing, Media. [Top notch article!]

Since I work in a small cash strapped company, the "VC" always looms over us. Should we look for venture funding, trade freedom to set policy over having liquid capital? [Here] is a good discussion and/or call to reform the VC industry. Scoble chips in with some of his demands of VC 2.0 [here]

Monday, January 23, 2006

The power of Math

"Math Will Rock your world" declares this Business week [article]. Not a revelatory declaration if you ask me, but does present an interesting set of companies as evidence. If you didnt already know this God only help you.

Thursday, January 19, 2006


check these links out -

Google stocks [hit] a low of $445 after topping a whopping $475.xx a week ago. Read what this forbodes for the industry. Very interesting read.

The Dubya administration subpoenas Google for refusing to comply with their demand that Google turns over search records - it is their intention to find out how many kids are searching for porn by looking at data that is totally disconnected to the age/sex of the user. Go figure! head over to the Search Engine Blog for this masterful [article] on the whole issue. It gives a lot of insight on what this sort of legal action actually means and hopes to achieve. Interestingly, MSN and Yahoo were also asked to turn over data and the statements that they have provided do not say "No. We have not provided any data". Well, if they didn't provide data, they would be in court now. They aren't. Meaning that they did comply and turned over records to the Dubya administration. This is being touted all across [Memeorandum]. Google will suddenly become the cynosure of all privacy groups, the poster child for freedom and privacy groups many of whom are already sueing Dubya. Is there a stock resurgence in this for Google?

Important stock tip: Buy into hype. Sell before reality crashes the party!

Friday, January 06, 2006

Am baaaaaaaaaaack in the saddle again!

after a long work related hiatus and a vacation, I am back to spam the 2-3 people who read my blog. Woe betide them!

ideas for old unfinished posts and for swanky new ones galore!