Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Whats Up?

Thats what you can ask at this [webpage] and get answers to almost everything thats interesting AND happening in and around Bangalore. Whats more, if you are miffed that your event isn't listed, all you have to do is send the mods an email.

I tried to subscribe to the newletter so that I can see for myself the wonderful exciting things I am missing while I am away from home and what do I see, a yahoo group subscription box?!! have they never heard of RSS? Inspite of the *loud* colors and lack of RSS support, the content speaks for itself.

Viva Bangalore!


Z said...

Bah ! Bah ! I don't want to know.

Emperor Frost said...

thats because nothing interesting ever happens in Hyderabad except probably the excited gossipping amongst old women :-D

Z said...

Frog in a well.