Friday, July 14, 2006

The fury of the maker's hand

I am infuriated.

Let me repeat.

I am infuriated -

1. at the incompetence and the pig headedness of the people I am surrounded by.
2. because I am dependant on these nincompoops.
3. because the outcome of my actions involve many people and as is the case, most of them are clueless cretins and do not comprehend that their dispirited existence will cost me dear.

I am infuriated.



venus said...

Oh ! the fury of the Emperor !! Cool down just matter of days before you can get your hands on your precious.

direkishore said...

I feel exactly the same albeit about our politicians!

I wanted to comment on ur previous blog, but haven't had the time to read all the links to do justice to it. nevertheless, well written.

Emperor Frost said...

Hi shiva,
feel free to leave your comments on the previous post at any time. the are most welcome and a discussion is what we will learn most from. Glad you liked it.

Anonymous said...

The Pretender:

Naah.. Me more like the SEAL. Adapt, Improvise, Overcome.. well.The Contant Learner, I still have to climb the Shoulders of the Giants.