Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Music of the Gods

Iron Maiden- The Metal Gods

I know of atleast 2 readers who are going to jump with joy ;-) Up the Irons! you know who you are. To the uninitiated - if at the end of watching all these videos, your soul does not wish to jump, dance and sing in tune with the scores you see in the videos then absolutely no one, not even the God you believe in, will be able to save it, your soul that is.

I will be seeing them in 10 days and I am salivating in anticipation!

Fear Of The Dark (Rock In Rio)

Hallowed Be Thy Name - I have included videos from shows that are separated by 13 years - 1992's Live At Donnington and 2005's Rock In Rio. Bruce has aged like fine wine - he sounds better now than ever before.

1992 Live at Donnington Castle, England

2006 Live At Ullevi Stadium, Sweden

Running Free (Ullevi Stadium, Sweden)

Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son (Maiden England)

Infinite Dreams (Maiden England Video)

A few videos from Bruce's solo career:

Tears Of The Dragon

Accident of Birth

Tears Of The Dragon (Unplugged) - goes out of key a couple of times, but hey its Bruce!


Eris said...

Awesome! *muah* you are the best!
I can't wait to see him too. Also I still have the bragging rights about touching Bruce at the last concert.muahahah!

Anonymous said...

This undoubtedly is and will be your BEST post! :-D And I'm going to see them in NINE days!! < Evil laughter >
Up the Irons!!
~ NaN

Emperor Frost said...

yes Eris, you still have the bragging rights and will have for a very long time I am sure :-)

NaN, you are going to be beat me to it! you better call me and give me a detailed report.