Sunday, November 05, 2006

Bill O'Reilly - The Spin Zone

I have a special soft corner for Fox's Bill O'Reilly. I am one of his biggest "fans". And with fans like me, who needs critics?

Bill O'Reilly thinks he matters because he thinks he represents objective public opinion in this country. His patronizing paternalism is absolutely insulting (to me atleast). He is the self appointed (annointed is more like it) savior of american culture and "The American Way" of life. Anything that remotely offends him is an attack on the country's values and morals and must be dealt with severity. He denounces all action/opinion that he doesn't approve of as a far-leftist conspiracy. He invites people over to supposedly debate topics but he talks 80% of the time and abusively interrupts his guest's talk time either by calling them names or in an effort to turn around their point (which they haven't had the time to make) to suit his agenda.

O'Reilly's modus operandi

Steven Colbert has a different word on every show. O'Reilly just has one - "Shut Up"

O'Reilly's attitude of self appointed guardian of morals and ethics - in this [clip] he rants on movies like Hostel, Saw franchise etc. O'Reilly - if you don't like it, do not watch it. But do NOT presume to tell me what to watch and what not to.

David Letterman pawns O'Reilly on his show.

and with regards to O'Reilly's journalistic integrity, you can make up your mind after watching this.

Watch O'Reilly try to play his usual game on his guests, but what do we have here? educated, articulate and in your face guests? something O'reilly was not prepared for. gives you a sense of his agenda.

Bottomline: see "The Best Of O'Reilly" and you will begin to understand his pseudo, self appointed authority and his infuriating paternalism on culture, politics and everything in between

Part III:

Part II:

Part I:

O'Reilly also has a problem that all the late night comedians are left leaning and thinks that there ought to be a conservative comedy show. Well, Mr. O'Reilly if you want to see one, either do it yourself or pay/support someone who wants to. You cannot make a call on their (current crop of comedians) persuasion and mandate/require that they have a conservative on board. What he wants is legislated/arbitratred comedians on air - much like Kamal Nath wants reservations for the OBC, SC/ST!! And for what its worth, its a comedy show. The last time I checked, comedy shows don't spew political theories/opinions for mass consumption. More of O'Reilly's infuriating paternalism.

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