Sunday, March 01, 2009

Random thoughts for a snowy Sunday

  • No one is really free of the ideological inheritance which he carries within himself as a child of a given generation. This, in essence, is his conformal "world view". What are yours?
  • Do not equate unawareness with non-existence. Everyone is, at some point, guilty of this depending on the degree of their hubris on how well read they think they are on any given subject.
  • If all/most of your personal heroes are iconoclasts of this or past generations, does that make you one? Isn't this self-contradictory - that you have personal icons but still consider yourself an iconoclast?
  • When does 'belief' turn into 'faith'?
Feel free to answer any of these questions or post more of your own.

1 comment:

NaN said...

Incindentally, heard this in the movie 'Premonition' yesterday - "Faith is when you believe in something beyond yourself. Like hope."
Not sure if it makes sense, just remembered it when I saw your post.
More on the post, later. May be. :)

Btw - have you got hold of that strange device that keeps ringing like a maniac, which may remind you of your New Year pledge? ;) Ok - not the alarm clock :)