Sunday, July 12, 2015

I Married an Angel

"I Married an Angel" feat. Donald Byrd, Horace Silver, John Laporta and Kenny Clarke.

I find the emotions of this composition so driven by its name. The music is tremendous. It defines the emotion and drives a visual narrative through melody.

The song ushers in emotions of romance and nostalgia. There's a certain elegance to it. Picture a sunday morning brunch in an elegant, romantic yet airy and sunny restaurant. A fledgling innocent romance. As the day progresses, the melody segues into a whimsical afternoon. There's mischief, there's flirtation. The plodding keyboards of the late afternoon hours are staid and oppressive. Time passes slowly. The evening brings some freshness; a streak of curiosity. As the shadow stretches, the mood turns more sombre, formal - structured and traditional. And finally, after dinner, comes full circle with an overture of full bodied romance. The same way it started, just more mature. I married an angel.

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