Monday, June 06, 2005

Its Official: Apple goes with Intel

I have this long post in mind where I will link interested readers to relevant posts and my thoughts on Apple deciding to go with Intel, what it means for the market, developers, its carefully cultivated brand image, other products like the iPod and possibly new products that we haven't seen from Apple.

After work maybe?

[Link] Apple said is was making the move to x86 architecture chips because they offer more power and better efficiency. Where art thou oh technology pundit who oft immersed thyself in lengthy diatribes against Intel architecture as compared to the PowerPC architecture? According to this news report, one main motivation behind the switch is because IBM has not yet been able to produce versions of the G5 chip, used in Apple's desktop G5 machines, which are suitable for Apple laptops without overheating. This was also attributed to the fact that it just wasn't profitable for IBM to spend millions of dollars in developing the new laptop version of the G5 just to satisfy 2.3% of the global market share. Their (IBM-Apple) relationship has been stormy and has finally has been dissolved.

Apple, on the other hand, moved from their OS 9 onto a UNIX based platform in their OS X and now have moved onto Intel chips. Doesn't it seem like they are trying a few populist measures (they make sound economic sense too) to break out of the niche (read as 'hole') they have carved for themselves? Intel makes so many different kinds of processors that are suited for the mobile laptop segment that such a move seems logical in retrospect given the intention to break out and capture more of the market.

more later. so much to say and so little time to say it in.


smitha said...

Lets get to your previous posts "Ars Technicia" and "XBox". (I'm afraid I cannot make intelligent remarks technically due to background). It explains the power PC architecture and power of XBox. Now if we look Apple's move -

- Is it a way of expressing unhappiness over IBM's focus of powerchips going to Microsoft ?
- IBM also invoved in developing sony play station.
- Also look at the public remarks made by Apple ( which is a rare occurance) blaming IBM for disappointing sale of G5.
- Delay of release of new version of Apple desktop was due to IBM couldn't meet its demand on time.
- Apple's G4 runs at 1.67 Ghz, its competitors using Intel chips have speed around 2.8 giga hertz.
- Intel collaboration means sell Apple for cheaper rates and increase market shares.

And what do the bulls and bears do on the roads? A speculation of the collaboration rose Apple's stock upto 5%. The collaboration dropped the stock prices of IBM and other semi conductor supplies of Apple.

I really look forward to your complete post and more technical insight.

smitha said...

I found a very interesting quote by someone about this merge :)

"It's like Ferrari going to BMW for an engine."