Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Jackson to Change Lifestyle

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In my previous Jackson post, I completely left out the pornography and sex toys that he let the children come into contact with. Pretty abnormal eh?

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Jackson, now says that he is going to change his lifestyle and refrain from sharing his bed with young boys so as not to be vulnerable again. Whoa! hold on a second. Who is the victim here - Jackson or Gavin Arvizo, the 13 year old who accused Jackson of molestation. It sounds like the kid is a gold digger and Jackson is an innocent victim whose senisitive, caring nature has been irrepairably hurt by these baseless accusations against his moral character. With reference to my previous post, atleast kids are most probably not going to sleep with Jackson anymore. Thats a great development if you ask me.

I also looked at the lead that I left open - the british journalist who started it all. His name is Martin Bashir and he was sued by Jackson for 'breach of contract and breach of confidence over the film'. Jackson, in an attempt to offset the huge legal costs he has accrued, is all set to re-open his legal battle with Bashir.
Learn more about the original film 'Living with Michael Jackson' and other Martin Bashir news here.

He is apparently rumored to be performing at the Live 8 concert either at London or at Philadelphia and is also considering a world tour aptly called 'Framed'. Jackson's debts and legal costs must be quite high for him to affect a miraculously quick recovery from his recurrent back problem and mount a world tour. Its all in the image - the sensitive, caring, children loving benevolent pop star crushed under these accusations suffers from moral scarring and even leaves him in poor physical health. A pretty picture of innocence don't you think?

And life goes on....

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Smitha said...

I fail to understand why the jurors failed to find an evidence against the Whacko Jacko! I still cannot understand why the jury never felt his behaviour abnormal. My blood boils over this unusual verdict. From the beginning the defense concentrated on taining the charachter of the accuser's mom. And who cares about the accuser's claims ?

The idea that a defendant can go to trial, force the government to prove its case and win is one of the centerpieces of the American ideal.
One of the law professors in California said - "Our court trial system is a show trial system," and yes the show man is Jackson.
Some odd facts that I read - according to the California attorney general's office in the state of california there were 236,471 felony charge dispositions and just 766 acquittals--about three-tenths of 1% of all cases.In Santa Barbara County, where Jackson was prosecuted, the district attorney wins even more consistently, about 87% of the time. Assuming that between 5% and 10% of the felony cases go to trial, the overall statewide post-trial acquittal rate is between 3% and 6%. In Santa Barbara County, the rate is between 1.3% and 2.6%. Now what are the odds when King of Pop is involved ? When the defendant is prominenet the calculus changs. He will not plead guilty for lesser charges, he can pay millions of dollars insite of his debts.

Yes, its a typical trial enshrined in the american ideal.