Thursday, September 28, 2006

Lights! Action! Camera!

Photokina 2006 is on and all the beauties have been revealed! I have been wanting to buy a DSLR for ever and this year feels right. The usual contenders are Canon (traditional favorite), Nikon (another traditionalist and favorite), Sony (this year's wildcard), Olympus (very strong contender) and finally, Sigma (another favorite).

The rumor mills have been chugging away the past couple of months. Canon, Nikon and Sony threw out their offerings before Photokina itself. I just had to see what Sigma was going to throw up and boy did they kick up a dust storm!

Canon EOS 400D/Digital Rebel XTi
reviews: DPReview, LetsGoDigital (EOS 350D, EOS 400D), Imaging-Resource, CameraLabs

Nikon D80
reviews: DPReview, LetsGoDigital, Imaging-Resource, CameraLabs

Sony Alpha 100
reviews: DPReview, LetsGoDigital, Imaging-Resource, CameraLabs

Sigma SD14 (just released, no reviews yet just specs)
reviews: Photokina Report, Official website, DPReview, LetsGoDigital

And for the sake of completeness,

Olympus E400 DSLR
reviews: LetsGoDigital, DPReview, Imaging-Resource (E330, E500), CameraLabs (E500, E400)

If someone wants to yell Panasonic! I suggest you poke around these wonderful sites and you will find reviews for them too.

These are my contenders. I am drooling over the Sigma but the price isn't out yet and I do not want to refinance my car just so that I can own one and I am not going to work any harder either. so there!

Update: the D70's kid brother (and the D50's younger brother) - the D40, is here. The D40 is an entry level DSLR that is surely up against the E400.
Reviews: LetsGoDigital, DPReview, Imaging-Resource,


Smitha said...

For being a faithful reader of your blog why don't you gift me one. will you ? Please ! In return I promise to give you all the moral support that you need to continue blogging.

Emperor Frost said...

why are you getting greedy? Isn't the check that I send you monthly for visiting and commenting on my blog enough?

Nandini said...

That's unfair!! I don't get any!!

Anonymous said...

Get a T10 Canon. Film still has Charm .. for those nostalgic,romantic moments that you famously live for.

Personally have a Canon A510(3.1MP) and wouldn't trade for anything( except perhaps a Hasselblad, one with Armstrong's Autograph!!)

Anonymous said...

Just added.. The E350 is just as Favourite among the Digital freaks. Still The T or 10-D rules in Analog/Film Cameras..

Save up and buy Photshop!..

Emperor Frost said...

groan, now they are coming out of the woodwork! Nan you will get yours too (someday). Until then, please do continue to grace this blog.

with the sigma, I can get a dynamic range that comes close to (of course, nothing will equal) that of film. The color preservation and content is very good. The convenience and advantages of digital far outweigh the romanticism of film (in my opinion). Some of these babies even have in camera histogram correction and all the tweaks of image processing in camera! All in all, the quality of film is awesome but the complete package of digital comes out on top.

Also, I though you were coming out of the closet. What happened? I was really looking forward to learning your identity.

Anonymous said...

I'm in the Open and not in any Closet. Just suffice that you know me by name and Number(reverse some rankings!).