Thursday, September 14, 2006

Sunrise at the Angkor Wat

I was in Cambodia last winter and shot the sunrise at the serene and majestic Angkor Wat, I definitely thought that many of the smaller and lesser known temples far exceeded the Angkor in elegance and beauty but then the Angkor was never about intricate beauty. Majesty and scale are its hallmarks.

Click on the image to see the picture in its actual size (2544 x 1696). If anyone is interested in the EXIF data, I will put that up too.


Anonymous said...

The Magnigicance(?) of an Indian King in a far off land, the apathy of civility to its own creation, the atrophy of Moral standards and Human Dignity in the face of the Khmer excesses.

Nice backdrop and subtle indicatiors to the insignifcance of the complex against the Greater but simpler entity.

Nice Pics Dilipa... Any Gallery of Pics?.

Smitha said...

Nice picture. Beautiful silhouette and golden hues. Put up rest of the pics.

Nandini said...

Beatiful pic! Good framing.

Crouching Tigress said...

I'm waiting to visit Cambodia!

Emperor Frost said...

nice eulogy :-) to the wonders of Cambodia. nope I dont have a gallery of pics. years of laziness have built a wall of inertia too strong to go against :-)

smitha and NaN:
thanks for the compliments!

crouching tigress:
wellkommen! you ought to go there. Its fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Yo ! Planning on moving to wordpress ! why don't you too!