Tuesday, July 24, 2007

wtf comment of the day!

IndiaUncut reports a comment worthy of a vicious wtf!!

"Through this arduous struggle and till his last breath, Comrade Shibdas Ghosh resolutely fought against all shades of bourgeois, petty-bourgeois social democratic and modern revisionist ideology while he carried on at the same time a tireless inner-party struggle for elevation of the proletarian ethical, moral and cultural standard of the cadres and leaders as against the vile influence of vulgar bourgeois individualism." [Source]

I am not sure what all that verbose embellishment means but I do know crap when I see it and this is a prime example of a putrid pile of feces. Amidst all the blah blah, the sentence ends with something like Comrade X fought against individualism and that too bourgeois individualism (?). Being an ardent fan of individualism, I find this claim repulsive and fit for ridicule.

Follow the "source" link and you are presented with more commie crap - "The SUCI vows to uphold the banner of socialist revolution and proletarian internationalism with every drop of blood of its leaders and cadres.". Adorning such sentiments are the photos of its stalwarts - Lenin, Stalin and chairman Mao. After I saw these photos, I couldn't read anymore as my tolerance limit had been breached.

All the best to you brave ones out there.

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