Friday, May 27, 2005

Conversations with God

-"Life is all about juggling eggs"
x "huh?"
-"Its a metaphor for life, each egg represents one of life's concerns and the goal is to give each egg the appropriate amount of individual attention while simultaneously watching and guiding the others. Life is all about balance and staying quick and alert as everything threatens to spin out of control."
x "Thats when you lose control, get caught in a hailstorm of eggs and create a big mess"
- "But the important thing is persistence"

EDIT: this is from Calvin and Hobbes. This strip though being about a kid and his stuffed tiger, I think, provides a take into our lives, times, our current value system and social commentary in general. I really love these characters!


Anonymous said...

Isn't this one of calvin's words of wisdom ?

Emperor Frost said...

yes it is, I thought I mentioned it. I did on the other one but I must have forgotten to do it on this one.

Thanks for pointing it out. I will set it right in an edit post.