Saturday, May 21, 2005

Corporate Buzzwords!

Krishnan Ranganathan pointed me to a very interesting article on a partial taxonomy of buzzwords that you hear floating around in your coporate environs.

Me and my team members make constant fun of these words at my office. Some of them, such as 'low hanging fruit', 'idea warehouse' and 'thinking out of the box' are thrown at us at meetings in an attempt to convince us to bite off more than we can chew and then have us work 18 hours a day so that we can grab those low hanging fruits. I agree that effective speaking goes a long way but these buzz words are always floating around adding some much needed comic relief to otherwise dragging corporate meetings.

I plan to post some threads regarding effective speaking and corporate culture. watch this space for more.

I am also working on the template for the blog that allows me to categorize posts and in general give the appearance of a nicely organized blog. All part of my grand attempt to lure the unsuspecting reader to his death .

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