Thursday, May 19, 2005

Giving Birth - Painful Yet Cathartic!

First post in my brand new swanky corner in the "Blogosphere". Yipeeeeeeeee!

One of my dear friends apparently had to say this about his thesis, its like giving birth - painful yet cathartic. I don't know how painful it is going to be to publish and maintain a blog but I have armed myself to the teeth with blogging tools (of which I shall blab in due course of blabbing) and have reassured myself that I can nurture it to full bloom especially after following many a blog (about which I will blog too). Cathartic I can assure you of - I have lots to say and usually do it loudly.

In my (usually unsuccesful) attempts to be organized and systematic, I was thinking of coming up with an initial charter of the goals of my blogging intent? Why is it that I want to blog? What do I hope to achieve? Would anybody care? What sort of standards do I maintain?
Watch this space for more on that.

I firmly believe that lazy people are the most efficient. In my endeavor to be efficient I realize the value and significance of laziness. So, I decided to install a client called "NewsGator" into my Outlook client. This nifty little addon allows me not only to receive other RSS feeds but also post replies/comments on those blogs and also maintain my own blog. This it does by considering every post/reply/comment as an email. So, my writing (quite) a few emails a day, I intend to not only keep my blog flush with posts but also actively participate in other discussions. Now, MS email clients very unfortunately do not allow you to merge mails into conversations (very innovate and intuitive idea from google on their gmail) and the number of mails could grow exponentially. In order to index these emails, I have another tool (now, what would we do without these tools?) called Lookout (full points for innovation and thinking out of the box). Now, the latest versions of desktop search clients index and access emails too, just have to get one and install it. I am undecided about it (coming to think of it, indecision causes inaction leading to inertia and soon you're in too deep and out of reach giving the impression of being supremely lazy, pretty much sums up my blog heading!).

So, as often as I have heard Bugs Bunny saying - "Of course you know, this means war!".
Let the games begin!

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